We Can Help You Remove Unauthorized Inquiries!

Did you know that each inquiry on your credit report can hurt your credit score by 2-10 points? 

 As you can already imagine – those points can be MAJOR when it is time to qualify for a home loan or car purchase. It can mean the difference between a great affordable interest rate, and a high one. 

 We offer specialized Inquiry Removal Services that successfully assists clients with correcting or removing inquiries that contain inaccurate, questionable, and unverifiable information reported to the credit bureaus. 

 Although the credit bureaus are required to follow reasonable procedures to ensure that the information they report is accurate, mistakes or errors can and will occur and may affect your credit score.

What Exactly is an Inquiry?

An inquiry is a notation on your credit report that indicates a date when there was a review of your credit file or credit report.

 There are two types of inquiries that can occur: Hard inquiry and soft inquiry. 

A Hard Inquiry occurs when applying for credit with a lending institution such as a bank, mortgage company or credit card company. This notation will show on your credit report for everyone who reviews your credit to see and can negatively impact your credit scores. 

A Soft Inquiry occurs when reviewing your personal credit profile. The individual consumer is the only one that sees this pull of the credit profile and it does not negatively impact your credit score. 

Inquiries are necessary to build credit, as in most cases you must apply for credit before being issued credit. 

However, you must be careful not to inquire if you are not credit worthy since you will be further damaging your credit. You must also be careful to ensure that a lender (such as an auto dealership) only pulls your credit scores once when you apply for credit. 

A good way to avoid too many inquires is to obtain a soft pull of your credit report and submit that credit report and credit score to the lending institution. The lending institution should be able to do a preliminary evaluation of your credit report to see if your credit profile is satisfactory before a hard inquiry is placed on your credit report. 

 We can help you get your score back up in record time. 

Remove Inquiries

Cick above to access our "Do It Yourself" Inquiry Removal Guide- 

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"What If I Don't Want to Do The Inquiry Removal Myself?"

We offer "Done for You" Inquiry Removal Services 

If you prefer to have the process handled for you - you can take advantage of our "done for you" services. 

You get the convenience of the process being handled for you, all for $50 per inquiry per bureau. 

Credit inquiry removal on Experian: $50 per inquiry (30 day turntime) 

Credit inquiry removal on Transunion: $50 per inquiry (30 day turntime)

How to Get Started With "Done for You" Inquiry Removal 

1) Sign up with www.creditchecktotal.com and order a tri-merged credit report. 

2) Count your unauthorized credit inquiries on Experian and Transunion .

3) Submit your payment for the the appropriate amount of disputes at http://paypal.me/perfectnow 

(ie. 2 inquiries x 3 bureaus X $50 = $300) 

4) Email us at info@getyourcreditperfectnow.com with your payment transaction id. We will email you an order form to complete and send back electronically.

5) As soon as the payment and order form receipt is confirmed,

6) You will be able to see your credit inquiries removed online via your creditchecktotal monitoring subscription.


We DO NOT remove credit inquiries that are attached to OPEN Business and/or Personal revolving and/or installment accounts. 

If you opened a personal and/or business bank account and your bank ran your credit – this type of inquiry MUST stay on your credit report. If you have recently asked for a credit limit increase to a credit card account, etc – this is also an example of an inquiry that MUST stay on your credit report. 

Please note that credit inquiries generated through unauthorized Auto, Mortgage Applications, Rental Applications, Employment, Denied credit application or closed accounts can be removed.

Our "Do it Yourself" Ultimate Inquiry Removal Combo Package is FAST, SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE. 

These TWO step by step comprehensive guides show you exactly how to go about getting unauthorized credit inquiries off of your credit report within record time. This is a 100% no fluff guide that can start to get you results in as little as 10-14 days. 

Learn the step by step system to delete inquiries for good! 

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Click below to access our "Do It Yourself" Inquiry Removal Guide- 

 Available for Immediate Digital Download