"Learn the Secret to Restoring Your Credit 25-100+ Points in as Little a 45 Days"

You Don't Have to Wait 7 to 10 Years to Restore Your Credit! Let Us Show You How to Use the Fair Credit Reporting Act to QUICKLY & EASILY Remove Chargeoffs, Late Pays, Judgments, Bankruptcies & More!

Does Credit Repair Really Work?

There is so much misinformation out in the marketplace that some people still have a hard time believing that they can actually restore their credit.  

The truth is - Federal Law is actually set up to protect the consumer from having misinformation compiled on their credit reports. The law actually requires that credtors and the credit reporting agencies have AND produce VERIFIABLE proof of the information which they are reporting on your credit report. 

Literally millions of items have been removed from consumers' credit reports legally and permanently since the Fair Credit Reporting Act was passed in 1971 and we want to help you be one of them.  



But why do I hear so often that only time can fix my credit? 

Because that's what the credit bureaus want you to believe. They've even got the media believing their hype. But all their billions can't change the fact that credit repair is real and it can work for you. 

What's the big deal about fixing my credit? How much difference could it make? 

According to the latest figures, the average American has a credit score of 677. If that same individual's credit score rose to just 720, that family could save on average $421 per month, or $5,052 per year on house payments, car payments, credit cards, etc. Over 20 years, that's more than $100,000! And if your score is lower than 677, then you have even more to gain. 

What Is The Ultimate Credit Repair System?

The Ultimate Credit Repair System is a FULLY actionable guide that can take you from the 500s to a score of 700+ within a period of 90-120 days or less! 

This guide was written by attorneys and uses the full scope of the law to force creditors to verify late pays, collections, judgments, bankruptcies,etc according to the FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW (which they usually never do). By doing so you can quickly get back on the road to perfect credit in record time! 

What type of items can be deleted using the Ultimate Credit Repar System? 

  • Collections
  • Late Payments
  • Judgments
  • Bankruptcies
  • Student loan default 
  • and more!

Bottom line— The Ultimate Credit Repair System will help you restore your credit in record time!  

The Problem With Typical Credit Repair Programs

As silly as that sounds, most do it yourself credit repair systems are confusing and overly complicated (200+Page do it yourself guide, anyone?)

Who in the world's got time for that? 

It’s not that these old-school systems don’t work at all, it’s just that: They’re so complicated that 9 out of 10 people who buy them never even start. 

They take way too long. 

They haven’t been optimized for the changes in the industry. 

Credit bureaus have become wise to the old-school credit repair process and routinely refuse to investigate the disputed items. 

Just look at their websites. If the website looks like it was put together by an amateur in an afternoon, then their product probably was, too. 

 Why The Ultimate Credit Repair System is Different 

The Ultimate Credit Repair System makes the Credit Repair process super simple! Here are a list of common credit repair problems that are solved with our system: 

  • Having to write lengthy and complicated customized letters. 
  • The Ultimate Credit Repair System offers complete simplicity. There are no letters to write, no complicated legal statues to study. You will receive fill in the blank letters specifically tailored for your situation. 
  • Credit bureaus sending back investigation demands due to “frivolous request.”
  • The Ultimate Credit Repair System alleviates this common problem by formatting each letter so that it doesn’t appear to be the result of a professional credit repair process. In this case, the less professional-looking the request, the better the results. We do however use the fullest extent of the law to force the credit bureaus to comply with legal statues.
  • Disputing credit items takes months or years to see any results.
  • Our system was drafted by attorneys to speed up the process, so that results can occur in a fraction of the time.

"What If I Don't Want to Do It Myself?"

We offer FULL SERVICE credit repair options for those who prefer to have a professional tracking and working to improve their credit profile. 

Our Full Service program takes The Ultimate Credit Repair System and takes all of those tools, tips, and techniques and turns it into a completely done for you program! 

Our done for you credit repair program takes you through 3 aggressive rounds of disputing - utilizing 609 letters which force the creditors and credit bureaus to provide verification of your contractual obligation and written evidence of any missed payments. 

This aggresive process has helped our clients improve their credit scores an average of 87 to 203 points!

What You Get With The Ultimate Credit Repair System

With the Ultimate Credit Repair System you get an economical, easy-to-use, step by step system that can be used to get your credit perfect in record time

Because the letters included in this system were created by attorneys, you can be confident that you are sending out the most aggressive and compliant disputes that will get u the fastest, most effective results. 

Isn't it time you started?

  • Getting approved for the credit you desire
  • Buy a home
  • Purchase a Car
  • Rent an apartment hassle free
  • Save thousands of dollars in interest